2017 Conference

The 12th Annual Critical Geographies Mini-Conference was held on the September 23rd, 2017 at the University of Northern British Columbia, Canada. Below are the papers presented and their authors.

Authors and papers on Activist Research in Urban Spaces.

  • Place & Space Collective – John Pickering, Trevor Wideman, & Oliver Keane: Bridging Gaps: Making Connections through Social Research.
  • Merle Davis Matthews: Feminist Geopolitics at the Border and at York University.
  • Samantha Thompson, Magnus Nowell and Downtown Eastside SRO Collaborative Society: Whose Priorities, Whose Knowledge, Whose Projects? Navigating Community and Institutional Relationships within Activist-Oriented Research.
  • Ricardo Barbosa : Food Activism in Calgary as a Struggle for Food Sovereignty in the Urban Global North.

Authors and papers on Critical Resource Geographies.

  • Dawn Hoogeveen: The Overground and Underground of Resource Governance.
  • Madeline Wilson & Mareika Sax: Data-Driven Storytelling in a Post-Truth Era: Reconciling Multiple Accounts of the Cumulative Impacts of Resource Development.
  • Nadine Chambers: Interweaving Narratives: Shreds of Law, Ties of Land: Transnational Mining Operations Linking Kirkvine, Jamaica and Kitimat, BC.
  • Aaron Larsen: Liquid Gold: A Comparative Study of Water Use and Policy in Jordan, Israel, and Palestine Since 1967.
  • Scott Brown, Chris Buse, Zoë A. Meletis, Mark Groulx, and Madeline Wilson: Whose Brownfields Count? Researching Brownfields Redevelopment, and Living Up Here in BC’s “bottom tier”.

Authors and papers on Unsettling Colonial Geographies.

  • May Farrales: Filipino/a Sexual Political Subjectivities in Transnationalism and Settler Colonialism.
  • Omolora Odulaja: The role of social media in Reinforcing Indigenous Identity and its Effects on Mental Well-Being.
  • Nicole Schafenacker: “Swale”: An Autoethnographic Inquiry into Intimacy, the Self and Notions of Security.
  • David Rossiter: Writing Vancouver’s Mountain: Serendipity, A Fascist Poet, and the Opening of Grouse Mountain Resort.
  • Neil Nunn: Toxic Encounters, Settler Logics of Elimination, and the Future of a Continent.

Authors and papers on Critical Geographies of Mapping.

  • Morgan Hite: Mapping Canada’s Indian Residential Schools.
  • Anthony Tumbarello: The Mapping of Solar Alignments in Neolithic Burial Cairns.
  • Luke Bergman: For Geographical Imagination Systems (GIS).

Authors and papers on Radical Imaginings and the Extra-Terrestrial.

  • Paul Kingsbury: The Radical Geographies of Crop Circles.
  • Oliver Keane: The Lived Spaces of Cryptozoology.
  • Melora Koepke: “Lost in the Window”: Field notes on intimacy, multiplicity, relationality, and other lines of flight.