2016: Paper Sessions


Care  (Gould 114)  

Simon Springer
University of Victoria
“Beautiful Anarchism: Relational Geography and the Politics of Becoming”

Peter Dunn
University of Washington
“Seeing and Being Seen: Boundaries of Attention in the Software-Mediated City”

Ronnie Thibault
University of Washington
“The Cultural Politics of Representation, Global Development & Developmental Disabilities in the United States.”

Maggie Wilson
University of Washington
“Culture, Difference, and Mental Illness.”

Caitlin Alcorn
University of Washington
Regulating Care: Precarious Labor, Homecare Workers and the Fair Labor Standards Act

Control (Gould 110)

Dawn Hoogeveen and Emily Rosenman
University of British Columbia
“Instant Land, Instant Money: New technologies of virtual finance in North America”

Catherine Guimond
San Francisco Art Institute
“Realizing the rent gap: Exclusions at the heart of urban reinvestment”

Mikael Omstedt
University of British Columbia
“Abstracting risk, Commodifying space: Credit Rating Agencies’ view of the world”

Kyle Kubler
University of Washington
“Software, Hard Power: A comparative analysis of policing software and tactics in French states of emergency”


Dispossession (Gould 114)

Jennifer Mateer
University of Victoria
“New Constellations of Neoliberal Water in India: Water Tanker Usage and De Facto Privatization in Urban Punjab”

Maíra Borges Fainguelernt
“Impacts of mega dams on riverine peoples in the Amazon: an intersectoral and interdisciplinary approach is necessary”

Jessica Hallenbeck
University of British Columbia
“Lawlessness and Settler Colonial Dispossession: The McKenna-McBride commission, gender violence, and archival absence”

Amber Murrey
Clark University
“Extractivism, Development Geographies, and Witchcraft Epistemologies.”

May Farrales
University of British Columbia
“The Colonial Technology of Beauty”

Identity (Gould 110)

Danielle Rivera
University of Michigan
“Intersections of Global North and South in Rio Grande Valley Colonia Organizing”

Mónica Farías
University of Washington
“Relational political subjects and the elusiveness of privilege in grassroots organizations in Buenos Aires”

Thomas Christian
Western Washington University
“Making Meaning in the Mountains Nearby: Social Class and the diverse landscapes of The Seattle Mountaineers, 1906-1940.”

Anisa Jackson
University of Washington
“TFW the Internet is Structured within the White-iarchy”

Linda Lapina
Roskilde University / University of British Columbia
“Recruited into Danishness? An autoethnography of passing”